Top 10 Korean Dramas With the Highest Production Cost

Have you ever wonder how much is the production cost of a drama?

Many K-Dramas have been showing high budgets for their production and that is interesting many. Dramas with fantasy and action often require more budget for sets and special effects. Some production team even film out of Korea. Of course, the casting of top Hallyu actor is also an important part of the budget.

The list of Korean dramas with the highest production costs.

Arthdal Chronicles

Estimated Cost: 54 billion won

Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles is the first ancient times fantasy drama of Korea. The drama cast includes top Hallyu actors Song Joong Gi and Jang Dong Gun. The drama is divided into three parts making it an 18 episodes drama. More seasons are yet to be confirmed.

A part of the production was done in Brunei. Another part of the filming was also done in the city of Osan, located down in the South of Seoul in Gyeonggi Province. A huge set was specially built for the drama and that costed a lot. The production was estimated to be 2.5/3 billion Korean won per episode.

Kingdom 1 & Kingdom 2

Estimated Cost: 35 billion Korean won

Kingdom 1

Kingdom 2

Kingdom is a Netflix drama. It is a historical period and thriller series with zombies that is set in Joseon. Actors such as Joo Ji HoonRyu Seung Ryong, and Bae Doo Na are part of the cast. One episode was estimated at around 2/3 billion Korean won. So around 35 billion Korean won for the 12 episodes of the two seasons (six episodes each).

The King: Eternal Monarch

Estimated Cost: 30 billion Korean won


The King: Eternal Monarch is a drama with Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. The drama used a lot of special effects for action scenes and fantasy elements, adding on the huge scale of the drama surroundings Lee Min Ho with expensive cars, helicopters, ships, etc. The production team also spend much on the sets and the imaginary Busan’s city. Adding on all these and the salary of the two top Hallyu stars, the production cost could only be over 30 billion Korean won.


Estimated Cost: 25 billion Korean won

Vagabond is an action drama with Lee Seung GiSuzy, and Shin Sung Rok. A part of the production was done in Morocco and Portugal. The drama also has numerous action scenes of huge scales and has top actors. The drama costed a total of 25 billion KRW (estimation).

Hotel Del Luna

Estimated Cost: 20 billion Korean won.

Hotel Del Luna is a fantasy drama with IU and Yeo Jin Goo. The drama had numerous fantasy elements that asked for special CGI from the production team. But that is not all, the drama also had a lot of different sets, guest casts, and pricy outfits. The production was estimated to between 16-20 billion Korean won.

My Country

Estimated Cost: 20 billion Korean won

Official Trailer

My Country is a historical drama of the cable channel JTBC set in the late Goryeo Dynasty and early Joseon Dynasty with Yang Se JongWoo Do Hwan, AOA‘s Seol Hyun, and Jang Hyuk. The budget was estimated over 20 billion Korean won.

Memories of the Alhambra

Estimated Cost: 20 billion Korean won

Memories of the Alhambra reunites two top Hallyu actors Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin. Adding on the cost of the cast, the drama has a lot of high-quality CGs for AR games. The drama was also longly filmed in Granada and Barcelona (Spain). The production cost was estimated at 20 billion Korean won.

Chief of Staff 1 & Chief of Staff Season 2

Estimated Cost: 16 billion Korean won

Chief of Staff Season 1 Trailer

Chief of Staff Season 2 Trailer

Chief of Staff is a political drama starring Lee Jung Jae and Shin Min Shin Min AhAh. The production cost was estimated at 16 billion Korean won. Each season had 10 episodes.

Are You Human Too?

Estimated Cost: 10 billion Korean won

Are You Human Too? is a drama with Seo Kang Joon and Gong Seung Yeon. The production crew spent much money on CGs and special effects as the drama is related to robotic. Moreover, the drama was partially filmed in Czech Republic. The production cost was estimated at 10 billion Korean won.

The Tale of NokDu

Estimated Cost: 10 billion Korean won.

The romantic comedy drama set in Joseon “The Tale of Nokdu” starred Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon. The drama is said to have cost around 10 billion Korean won.

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