Are You a Human too?

Title 너도 인간이니 Are You Human Too?

Nam Shin (Seo Kang Joon) is a son from a family who runs a large company. After an unexpected accident, he falls into a coma. His mother Oh Ro Ra (Kim Sung Ryung) is an authority on brain science and artificial intelligence. She creates an android named Nam Shin III which looks like just like her son Nam Shin. The android pretends to be Nam Shin and he has a bodyguard called Kang So Bong (Gong Seung Yun).

Trailer I


Seo Kang Joon as Nam Shin / Nam Shin III
Gong Seung Yun as Kang So Bong
Kim Sung Ryung as Oh Ro Ra Nam Shin’s mother

Lee Joon Hyuk as Ji Young Hoon
Park Hwan Hee as Seo Ye Na (Nam Shin’s fiancée)
Kim Sung Ryung as Oh Ro Ra (Nam Shin’s mother)

Trailer II

Yoo Oh Sung as Seo Jong Gil
Park Young Kyu as Nam Gun Ho
Choi Duk Moon as David
Kim Hye Eun as Nam Ho Yeon
Seo Eun Yool as No Hee Dong
Kim Won Hae as Kang Jae Sik
Kim Hyun Sook as Reporter Jo
Oh Hee Joon as Jo In Tae
Cha Yub as RoboCop
Chae Dong Hyun as Go Chang Jo
Cha In Ha as Hwang Ji Yong
Jo Jae Ryong as Secretary Park
Choi Byung Mo as Choi Sang Guk
Oh Ui Shik as Cha Hyun Joon


Choi Dae Hoon as PK Group security team leader
Huh Young Ji as Yun Ye In
Kim Seung Soo as Nam Jung Woo

Trailer III

Chief Producer Lee Gun Joon
Director Cha Young Hoon, Yoon Jong Ho
Screenwriter Jo Jung Joo
Broadcast period 2018 – June – August
Genre Science-fiction, Mystery, Romance
Episodes 36
Broadcast network KBS2


Go Ah Ra was first offered the lead female role, but declined. This is a pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2017 June and finished 2017 November.


2018 KBS Drama Awards  Best Supporting Actress Kim Hyun Sook Are You Human Too?, Queen of Mystery 2
2018 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Actor (Medium Series) Seo Kang Joon Are You Human Too?
2018 KBS Drama Awards Best Couple Awards Seo Kang Joon & Gong Seung Yeon Are You Human Too?
2018 KBS Drama Awards  Best Supporting Actor Kim Won Hae The Ghost Detective, Are You Human Too?

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