Into The Ring

Title 출사표 Into The Ring


This is a summer-time comedy about politicians who works at a small district council.


Koo Se Ra (Nana) comes from a poor background, but she still manages to have bright personality. She supports herself by taking part-time work. She is famous in her local ward office for constantly filming civil complaints. Meanwhile, Seo Kong Myung (Park Sung Hoon) works as a fifth-grade public officer. He sticks to his principles no matter what and he does his job well. Other people do not like him due to his unfriendly personality. He gets involved with Koo Se Ra.


Nana as Goo Se Ra
Park Sung Hoon as Seo Kong Myung
Yoo Da In as Yoon Hee Soo
Han Joon Woo as Kim Min Jae
Ahn Nae Sang as Jo Maeng Duk

Se Ra’s family

Ahn Kil Kang as Goo Duk Man (Se Ra’s father)
Jang Hye Jin as Kim Sam Sook (Se Ra’s mother)

Se Ra’s friends


Kim Mi Soo as Kwon Woo Young
Shin Do Hyun as Jang Han Bi
Choi Ko (최고) as Kim Ja Ryong

Mawon-gu council members

Lee Seo Hwan as Heo Duk Koo
Seo Jin Won (서진원) as Shim Jang Yang
Han Dong Kyu (한동규) as Jang Ha Woon
Lee Chang Jik as Shi Dan Kyoo
Yoon Joo Sang as Bong Choo San
Oh Dong Min as Ko Dong Chan
Yoo Jung Joo (유성주) as Yang Nae Sung

Bae Hae Sun as Won So Jung
Park Sung Geun as Lee Dae Chul
Kim Hyun Mok as Jung Yong Kyoo

Mawon-gu public officials

Election candidates

Shin Joo Hyup as Oh Byung Min
Park Mi Hyun (박미현) as Yeo Woo Hee
Jun Jin Gi

Production Credits

Production Companies Celltrion Entertainment, Frame Media
Director Hwang Seung Ki
Screenwriter Moon Hyun Kyung
Genre Romance, Comedy, Office, Political
Episodes 32 
Broadcast network KBS2
Broadcast period 2020 July – August

Watch here

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