Arthdal Chronicles 1

This series is absolutely beautiful.

A lot of work went into the set design and it is really stunning.

I see a lot of comments about similarities with Game of Thrones, and while I agree that theme is similar, thus some might think they want to ride on the hype, but I thought it is not bad to see a version of an ancient civilisation being built from a Korean production, after all there is a reason we love Korean films. 

Trailer I

I must say I was really sceptical about this series partly because of Netflix constant attempts to shove it down my throat. But am I ever happy that I started watching it. Fantasy is a hard genre to be a fan of, but this series had everything; fantasy, action, tribes, beginning of a civilisation with lot of fights and power struggle.

Trailer II

The plot is a creative heaven, that gave us amazing characters, set, clothing, make up and even new languages. The whole vibe of Arthdal Chronicles is so unique and intriguing, there is something about it. 

Trailer III

The characters are really well written and the actors were amazing. really enjoyed Kim Ok Bin’s performance as Tae Ha.

Kim Ok Bin as Tae Ha

She put a lot of effort into making her character well rounded, whose perspective changes depending on the situation, and not just stick her into a box of “bad guy”. 

Jang Dong Gun as Ta Gon

Jang Dong Gun had the hardest job in portraying Ta Gon. His character is so complex, he had to showed us his charisma as a leader, the changes he goes through from his childhood and his inner conflict with power. This was a burdensome role with the responsibility of carrying the series.

Do not let me start on Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won! (They had previously appeared together in Descendants of the Sun.) They were brilliant as always, I absolutely adored  them. Also shout out for the supporting actors, who did an amazing job in setting the mood. 

Trailer IV

The series ends with a cliffhanger, and looking at the production cost, a modest 54billion won, we might have to pray for a miracle to see a new season.

Broadcast period 2019 June – September


Song Joong Ki as Eun Sum
– Kim Ye Joon as Eun Som (young)
Jang Dong Gun as Ta Gon
– Jung Jae Won as Ta Gon (young)
Kim Ji Won as Tan Ya
– Heo Jung Eun as Tan Ya (young)
Kim Ok Bin as Tae Ha

Saenyeok tribe & Daekan

Kim Eui Sung as San Woong (Chief of Saenyeok tribe, Tagon’s father)
Park Hae Joon as Moo Baek
Park Byung Eun as Dan Byuk (San Woong’s son, Tagon’s half-brother)
Park Hyung Soo (박형수) as Gil Sun
Choi Young Joon (최영준) as Yun Bal
Lee Ho Chul (이호철) as Ki To Ha
Hwang Hee as Moo Gwang
Ki Do Hoon as Yang Cha
Song Yoo Taek (송유택) as Park Ryang Poong
Lee Hwang Ui as Dae Dae
Hwang Min Ho (황민호) as So Dang
Kim Jung Woo (김정우) as Pyun Mi

White Mountain tribe

Lee Do Kyung as Asa Ron (Chief of White Mountain tribe)
Son Sook as Asa Sakan
Seo Eun Ah as Asa Mot
Jang Yul (장율) as Asa Yon
Park Ji Won (박지원) as Asa Moo
Choo Ja Hyun as Asa Hon (Eunseom’s mother)

Hae tribe

Jo Sung Ha as Hae Mi Hol (Chief of Hae tribe, Taealha’s father)
Yoon Sa Bong as Hae Too Ak
Bae Ki Bum (배기범) as Hae Heul Rib


Jo Seung Yun as Ha Rim
Go Bo Kyul as Chae Eun
Ahn Hye Won (안혜원) as Noon Byul


Jung Suk Yong as Yul Son (Tanya’s father)
Kim Ho Jung as Cho Sul
Shin Joo Hwan as Dal Jae
Park Jin (박진) as Moong Tae
Yang Kyung Won as Teo Dae
Kim Cheung Kil (김층길) as Book Soe
Go Na Hee as Do Ti
Shin Moon Sung (신문성) as Doon Ji
Song Jae Ryong as Kum Bool
Park Ok Chul (박옥출) as Ah Ka Ji
Kim Bi Bi (김비비) as Woo Roo Mi (Do Ti’s mother)


Yoo Teo as Ragaz (Eunseom’s father)
Moon Jong Won as Rakeuneuroopeu
Ok Go Un as Mooteuroopeu
Song Jong Ho as Isseuroobeu
Nichkhun as Rottib
– Choi Ro Woon as Rottib (young)


Kim Sung Chul (김성철) as Ipsaeng
Tae Won Suk as Badoroo
Jo Byung Kyu as Sateunik
Baek Seung Ik (백승익) as Chanaraki
Kim Do Hyun as Shyoreujakin

Momo tribe

Karata Erika as Karika (Xabara of Momo tribe)
Shim Eun Woo (심은우) as Tapien (Sateunik’s wife)


Choi Moo Sung as San Wook
Song Gun Hee as Black Tongue of Shahiti
Jisoo as Sae Na Rae
Go Chang Suk as Tae Ap Dok
Kim Jung Young as Soohana
Ha Joon as Tachoogan
Go Sang Ho as Taedachi

Production Companies Samhwa Networks, Studio Dragon & KPJ Corporation
Director Kim Won Suk (before that is Kim Jin Won)
Screenwriters Kim Young Hyun, Park Sang Yun

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