Title 블랙 Black
Genre Romance, Crime, Thriller, Fantasy
Episodes 18
Broadcast network OCN
Broadcast period 2017 October – December


The story of a grim reaper, Black (Song Seung Hun) who gets erased from the memories of the world for breaking the rules of heaven and falling in love with a mortal woman, Kang Ha Ram (Go Ah Ra) after inhabiting a human body.


Song Seung Hun as Black / Han Moo Gang
– Choi Seung Hoon as Moo Gang (child)
Go Ah Ra as Kang Ha Ram
– Ok Ye Rin as Ha Ram (child)
– Choi Myung Bin as Ha Ram (young)
Kim Dong Joon as Oh Man Soo
– Lee Seung Woo as Man Soo (child)
– Lee Gun Ha as Man Soo (young)
Lee El as Yoon Soo Wan / Kim Sun Young
– Song Soo Hyun as Sun Young (young)

Grim Reapers

Jo Jae Yoon as Grim Reaper No.007
Lee Kyu Bok as Grim Reaper No.416 / Jang Hyun Soo
– Jung Joon Won as Hyun Soo (young)
Kim Tae Woo as grim reaper No. 444 (cameo)

Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Strong Support Team

Kim Won Hae as Na Kwang Kyun / crazy dog
Jung Suk Yong as Bong Man Sik
Lee Chul Min as Oh So Tae
Heo Jae Ho as Park Kwi Nam

Production Company iWill Media
Chief Producers Kim Jong Sik, Song Jae Joon
Director Kim Hong Sun
Scrtiptwriter Choi Ran

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