Tune in for Love

Other name: Yoo Yeol’s Music Album, Joyful Music Album

Hangul 유열의 음악앨범
Directed by Jung Ji-woo
Produced by Movie Rock, Seo Woo Film, Film Fenok, Myung Jin-kim
Written by Lee Suk Yeon
Starring Kim Go Eun
Jung Hae In
Distributed by CGV Art House
Release date 2019 August 28
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$ 8,631,781

Official trailer

It is a modern love story showing two young people struggle with past issues and self love. The cinematography captured the mode really well I was chilly and lit dark. The actors did a good job kind of portraying the characters. They had the emotional depth that pulls you in and makes you root for their happy ending.