About KoreanDrama.blog

During the time when I watched Korean dramas, I had become increasingly convinced that I wanted to show how great and enjoyable is the Korean dramas and movies.

I want to tell how started my love story to:

  • People who don’t like Korean drama and movie,
  • People who like it and
  • People who are already in love with Korean dramas and movies.

I started to watch Korea dramas in February 2019.
The first drama was Black directed by Kim Hong Sun.
The main cast Song Seung Heon as a detective/grim rapper and Go Ara as a young woman who can see the ghosts if she could not wear sunglasses. I watched all the episodes in two days. I was completely amazed by how enjoyable every single episode. After some old and new series and movies, I realised Black was the best start to love Korean dramas. The female character is strong and loveable and the male character has a classic “bad guy” attitude, therefore, we love him. My favourite support role is a boss who been played by 김원해 Kim Won Hae.

Next day I started to learn the Korean language on Duolingo and downloaded a language book. I was so enthusiastic and that feeling has not aged ever since I watched my first Korean Drama.

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