Quantum Physics

Title 양자물리학 Quantum Physics
Genres Crime, Drama, Political, Investigation
Screenwriter & Directors Lee Sung Tae


Lee Chan Woo runs a nightclub. A drug case that draws the name of a famous entertainer takes place. Lee Chan Woo knows that the prosecution and politicians will get involved. He decides to investigate the drug case by himself. He gathers together people including Sung Eun Young and Park Ki Hun.


Park Hae Soo as Lee Chan Woo
Kim Sang Ho as Park Gi Heon
Seo Ye Ji as Sung Eun Young
Kim Eung Soo as Jung Gap Taek Chairman / Gang Boss
Kim Won Shik as Mr. Min Public Information Section team leader
Byun Hee Bong as Baek Young Kam Chairman
Kim Young Jae as Choi Ji Hoon CEO of Broadcast
Lee Chang Hoon as Yang Yoon Sik Prosecutor
Kim Dae Kook as Club executive
Hyeon Jik as Party team member
Kim Jung Woo as Prosecutor Choi
Kim Bo Ryung as Female celebrity
Bae Gi Beom as Jo Moon Ik
Yoo Young Bok as Manager of Crime Information Division
Lee Sang Kyung as Sang Soo’s girlfriend
Son Jong Hak as Kim Hanbit Ilbo general manager
Joo Seok Tae as Mr. Moon Gap Taek’s rightman
Hyun Bong Shik as Kim Kwan Chul
Park Kwang Seon as Fractal Rapper
Park Sung Yun as Yoon Shik’s assistant clerk
Pak Wang Jae as Elder Baek’s assistant
Kim Wang Geun as Assistant prosecutor general
Yoo Young Bok as Public Information Section chief
Kim Won Mok as Moon’s lacky
Ji Chan as Criminal Intelligence Division Detective
Sung Min Soo as Investor 1
Kim Joo Ryung as Investor 2
Kwon Do Woon as Bartender
Kim Sung Joon as Investor 3
Yoo Jung Ho as Detective who arrests Choi Ji Hoon
Nam Tae Woo as TV panel
Lee Tae Young as Prosecution investigator
Han So Eun as Female celebrity
Lee Dong Yong as District clerk
Kim Dong Hyun as City official
Choi Tae Joon as Kim Jeong Min Baek’s son
Kim Byung Chul as Reporter
Kim Do Ha as Party team
Heo Yoo Ri as Reporter on Park Gi Heon’s case

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