Bride of the Water God

Title 하백의 신부 2017 Bride of the Water God 2017
Also Known as The bride of Habaek
Chinese Title 河伯的新娘 2017


Based on webcomic Bride of the Water God by Yoon Mi Kyung which was published from year 2006 to 2014 via

This drama is about a female doctor, So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) who gets offered as a sacrifice to the water god Ha Baek (Nam Joo Hyuk), and becomes his slave.


Nam Joo Hyuk as Ha Baek
Shin Se Kyung as Yoon So Ah
– Choi Ji Won as So Ah (young)
Im Ju Hwan as Shin Hoo Ye
– Kim Tae Yool as Hoo Ye (young)
Krystal Jung as Moo Ra
Gong Myung as Bi Ryum

The Gods

Lee Kyung Young as Dae Sa Je (high priest of water nation)
Park Kyu Sun as Nam Soo Ri (Ha Baek’s attendant)
Lee Dal Hyung as Joo Gul Lin (junior god)
Kim Tae Hwan as (junior god)

The Human

Shin Jae Hoon as Yoo Sang Yoo
– Kim Kwang Hyun as Sang Yoo (young)
Choi Woo Ri as Jo Yeom Mi
Jung Dong Hwan as Shin Dong Man
Bae Noo Ri as Shin Ja Ya
Song Won Geun as Secretary Min

Kim Bo Min as Min Yi (blind girl)
Kim Ki Moo as Manager Bang
Han Sung Yong as Moo Ra’s manager


Yang Dong Geun as monk (ep 1)
Jo Jung Chi as painter (ep 1)
Yoon Jong Hoon as Ma Bong Yul (ep 1-2)
Ga Deuk Hee as bank clerk (ep 2)
Nam Chang Hee as skateboard tournament host (ep 2)
Jun So Min as patient (ep 4)
Im Ji Hyun as Na Bin
Kang Ha Neul

Production Credits

Executive Producer Kim Mi Na
Director Kim Byung Soo
Screenwriter Jung Yoon Jung
Genre Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Broadcast network tvN
Episodes 16
Broadcast Period 2017 July – August


– Moon Chae Won was first offered the lead female role, but declined.

– Yang Se Jong was originally offered the role of Hoo Ye, but declined. The part was ultimately taken by Im Ju Hwan.

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