Cheese in The Trap

Title 치즈 인 더 트랩 Cheese in the Trap
Chinese Title 捕鼠器裡的奶酪
Genre Romance, Comedy
Episodes 16
Broadcast network tvN
Broadcast period 2016 January – March


Trailer I

Based on the original webtoon with the same title by “Soon Ggi” which was published via “Naver Online” from 2010-July-07.

This drama depicts the relationship between female university student Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) and her senior Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin). Hong Seol is a hard-working student, who has returned to college after a long break. She works part-time due to her family’s poor background. Meanwhile, Yoo Jung is a senior at the college known as Mr. Perfect. He is good looking, gets good grades, athletic and has a kind personality, but he has a dark side…

Trailer II


Park Hae Jin as Yoo Jung
– Park Min Sang (박민상) as Yoo Jung (young)
Kim Go Eun as Hong Seol
Seo Kang Joon as Baek In Ho
– Yoo Je Gun as Baek In Ho (young)
Lee Sung Kyung as Baek In Ha
– Lee Na Yoon as Baek In Ha (young)
Nam Joo Hyuk as Kwon Eun Taek
Park Min Ji as Jang Bo Ra

People Around Yoo Jung

Son Byung Ho as Yoo Young Soo (Yoo Jung’s father)

People Around Hong Seol

Ahn Kil Kang as Hong Jin Tak (Hong Seol’s father)
Yoon Bok In as Kim Young Hee (Hong Seol’s mother)
Kim Hee Chan as Hong Joon (Hong Seol’s brother)

Yonyi University People

Hwang Suk Jung as Professor Kang
Kim Jin Geun as Professor Han
Lee Woo Dong as Heo Yoon Sup
Moon Ji Yoon as Kim Sang Chul
Oh Hee Joon as Ha Jae Woo
Ji Yoon Ho as Oh Young Gon
Yoon Ji Won as Son Min Soo
Cha Joo Young as Nam Joo Yeon
Yoon Ye Joo as Kang Ah Young
Go Hyun as Kim Kyung Hwan
Shin Joo Hwan as Min Do Hyun
Kim Hye Ji as Lee Da Yeong


Kim Ki Bang as Gong Joo Young
Baek Soo Jang
Jung Ui Chul
Park Noh Shik (박노식)
Lee Hyun Gul (이현걸)
Kang Eun Woo (강은우)
Lee Jin Kwon (이진권)
Hwang Byung Hyo (황병효)
Choi Won Tae
Kwon Oh Jin (권오진)
Han Yeo Wool
Yoo Jung Rae
Kim Min Sang
Kim Tae Yoon
Yoo Jang Young


Jye Yi Jung (제이정)
Shin Ji Ho as pianist

Production Credits

Director Lee Yoon Jung
Screenwriter Go Seon Hee, Kim Nam Hee


Bae Suzy was first offered the lead female role, but declined after that. Her role has been replaced by Kim Go Eun.
This drama is the first drama series performance by Kim Go Eun.


2016 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards  New Actress Award Kim Go Eun

Watch here

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