Come and Hug Me

Title 이리와 안아줘 Come and Hug Me
Chinese Title 過來抱抱我


Trailer I

This drama is about a man and a woman who are emotionally scarred due to a murder case that took place in their past has their fates intertwined. Together, they try to overcome the inevitable challenges that life throws at them.


Trailer II

Jang Ki Yong as Chae Do Jin
– Nam Da Reum as Do Jin (young)
– Moon Woo Jin as Chae Do Jin (child)
Jin Ki Joo as Han Jae Yi
– Ryu Han Bi as Jae Yi (young)
– Ok Ye Rin as Han Jae Yi (child)
Heo Joon Ho as Yoon Hee Jae

People around Do Jin

Kim Kyung Nam as Yoon Hyun Moo
– Kim Sang Woo as Yoon Hyun Moo (young)
Seo Jung Yeon as Chae Ok Hee
Choi Ri as Chae So Jin
– Lee Ye Won as Chae So Jin (young)
Lee Da In as Lee Yeon Ji
Kwon Hyuk Soo as Kim Jong Hyun

People around Jae Yi

Yoon Jong Hoon as Gil Moo Won
– Jung Yoo Ahn as Gil Moo Won (young)
Park Soo Young as Pyo Taek
Jung Da Hye as Cheon Se Kyung
Park Kyung Choo as Gil Seong Sik
Park Joo Mi as Ji Hye Won

Kim Seo Hyung as Park Hee Young
Yoon Ji Hye as Han Ji Ho
Song Young Kyu as police university professor
Jung In Gi as Go Yi Seok
Min Sung Wook as Kang Nam Gil
Bae Hae Sun as Jun Yoo Ra
Kim Hye Yoon as Yeon Sil
Hong Seung Bum as Lee Seung Woo / Yeom Ji Hong
Jun Yeo Jin as Park Hye Min (ep.3)

Production Credits

Production Company Imagine Asia
Director Choi Joon Bae
Scriptwriter Lee Ah Ram
Genre Melodrama, Mystery, Romance
Episodes 32
Broadcast network MBC
Broadcast period 2018 May – July


Bae Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk werw first offered the lead role, but declined.


2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actor Jang Ki Yong
2018 MBC Drama Awards  Actor of the Year (Selected by Directors) Heo Jun Ho
2018 MBC Drama Awards  Best Child Acting Awards Ryu Han Bi
2018 MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor Kim Kyung Nam
2018 MBC Drama Awards  Golden Acting Actor Heo Jun Ho
2018 MBC Drama Awards  Excellence Actor (Wed-Thurs Drama) Jang Ki Yong
2018 2nd The Seoul Awards Special Acting Award Heo Joon Ho

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