Title 엑스엑스 XX
Also known as Blue Moon



“XX” is the name a bar where the things that happen. It’s a speakeasy bar what only those who know about it can find it.

Hani 하니 as Yoon Na Na 윤나나

Hwang Seung Eon 황승언 as Lee Roo Mi 이루미

Bae In Hyuk 배인혁 as Park Dan Hee 박단희

Lee Jong Won I 이종원 as Wang Jeong Deun 왕정든

Kim Joon Kyung 김준경 as Jeong Gyoo Min 정규민

Na Eun Saem 나은샘 as Im Jang Mi 임장미

Shin Jae Hwi 신재휘 Seo Tae Hyeon 서태현

Steve Noh 노상현
Special appearance 특별출연

Director Kim Joon Mo 김준모
Screenwriter Lee Seul 이슬
Episodes 10
Broadcast network MBC
Broadcast period 2020 January – March

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