Title Parasite 기생충
Director Bong Joon Ho 봉준호
Screenwriter Bong Joon Ho 봉준호 Han Jin Won  한진원

Parasite won 4 Oscar Awards at the 92nd Academy Awards Ceremony.

Parasite 기생충 received 6 Academy Won Nominations and it’s the first non-English language film to win the Best Picture on Oscar.

It was nominated for:
1. Best Picture Parasite WON
2. Directing BONG JOON HO WON 
3. Film Editing 
4. International Feature Film WON
5. Production Design 
6. Writing – Original Screenplay Bong Joon Ho 봉준호, Han Jin Won 한진원 WON

Kwak Sin Ae (producer): “We are never imagined that is happening. We are so happy. I feel right a very opportune moment is happening right now.”


Gi Taek’s family of four is close, but fully unemployed, with a bleak future ahead of them.


The son Gi Woo is recommended by his friend, a student at a prestigious university, for a well-paid tutoring job, spawning hopes of a regular income. Carrying the expectations of all his family, Gi Woo heads to the Park family home for an interview. Arriving at the house of Mr. Park, the owner of a global IT firm, Gi Woo meets Yeon Gyo, the beautiful young lady of the house. But following this first meeting between the two families, an unstoppable string of mishaps lies in wait.

Parasite press conference 2019 April 22


Song Kang Ho as Gi Taek 
Lee Sun Kyun as Dong Ik
Jo Yeo Jung  as Yeon Gyo [Weeping Forsythia] 
Choi Wooshik as Gi Woo 
Park So Dam as Gi Jeong 
Lee Jung Eun as  Moon Gwang 
Jang Hye Jin as Choong Sook 
Park Myung Hoon as Geun Se 
Jung Ji So as Da Hye 
Jung Hyun Joon as Da Song 
Park Keun Rok as Driver Yoon 
Jung Yi Seo as Pizza parlor owner 
Jo Jae Myeong as Pizza guy
Jung Ik Han as Neighbor
Kim Gyoo Baek as Drunk 1 
Hwang In Kyeong as Internet cafe [PC bang] employee 
Ahn Seong Bong as Angry man 1 from the street 
Kim Jin Hyeong as Angry man 2 from the street 
Yoon Yeong Woo as Mercedez Benz dealer 
Park Jae Wook as VR Expert 
Kang Hyeon Gyoo as Dong-ik’s colleague 1 
Kim Seo Hyeon as Dong Ik’s company assistant 
Seo Hee Yeong as Dong Ik’s colleague 2 (
Lee Dong Yong as Drunk 2 (취객 2)
Ahn Jin Sang as Public worker at shelter 
Jeong Ah Reum as Woman from shelter 
Kim Jeong Woo as Party guy 1 
Kim Geon-VII as Party guy 2 
Lee Joo Hyung as Party guy 3 
Jeong Jae Hoon as Party guy 4 
Yang Seon Yeong as Party girl 1
Lee Roo Ah as Party girl 2 
Lee Sang Kyeong as Party girl 3 
Lee Ji Hye I as Vocalist 
Kim Bo Ryoung as Cellist 
Kim I Seul Party as people 
Kim Hye Ryeon as Party people 
Kim Yeong Jo as Party people 
Kim Seong Joon as Party people 
Kim Seong Soo as Party people 
Kim Ha Eon as Party people 
Park Mi Ae as Party people 
Park Hye Sook as Party people 
Baek Seung Hwan as Party people 
Park Jae Wan as Party people
Park Ga Bin as Party people 
Seol Min as Party people 
Seo Han Gyeol as Party people 
Oh Sang Joon as Party people 
Lee Si Hoo as Party people
Lee In Kyeong as Party people 
Lee Si Eun as Party people 
Lee Do Woon as Party people 
Oh Byeol Ha as Party people 
Yoo In as Party people 
Yoo Chae Ryeon as Party people
Jang Ye Won as Party people
Jeong Se Hyeon as Party people 
Jeong Il Hwa as Party people 
Ji Yeon as Party people 
Jeong Yoo Ha as Party people 
Ji Hye Yeong as Party people 
Je Seung Hyeon as Party people 
Choi Ji Won as Party people
Ha Yoon Hee as Party people 
Riccardo Ferraresso Italian chef 
Choi Jeong Yeon as Assistant chef 
Go Gwan Jae as  Doctor 
Lee Si Hoon as Detective from hospital
Choi Jung Hyun I as Assistant chef 
Yoon Hye Ri as  JTBC field reporter 
Baek Dong Hyeon as Tailing detective 
Jang Ji Woo as Nurse 
Andreas Fronk as German father 
Anna Rihlmann as German mother 
Melinda MacDonald as German daughter 
Sean Thomas as German son 
Rosie Peralta as South East Asian housekeeper 
Lee Eun Hee III as Real estate agent 1 
Kim Se In as Real estate agent 2 
Han Mi Ja as Woman from supermarket 
Joo Soo Ji as Owner of salon 
Sin Seung Min
Nam Goong Hyeon-ja 
Kwak Sin Ae Judge’s voice 
Mark Siegmund Voice of German couple
Maurer Katrin Voice of German couple

Special appearance

Park Seo Joon as Min-hyeok
Seo Bok Hyeon as JTBC Reporter
Sim Soo Mi as JTBC Reporter
Chae Ha Ni as Singer stand-in 

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