The Great Show

Title 위대한 쇼 The Great Show



Wi Dae Han (Song Seung Hun) is a rookie politician with good looks, the ability to give a flawless speech, and quick wits, who dreams of implementing justice in society. However, due to an unfortunate family incident, his political career has been nothing but a failure. One day, an 18-year-old girl who claims to be his daughter comes looking for him along with her three siblings.



Song Seung Hun as Wi Dae Han
Lee Sun Bin as Jung Soo Hyun
Im Joo Hwan as Kang Joon Ho

People around Wi Dae Han

Noh Jung Ui as Han Da Jung
Jung Joon Won as Han Tak
Kim Joon as Han Tae Pool
Park Ye Na as Han Song Yi
Hyuk as Choi Jung Woo

People around Jung Soo Hyun

Lee Won Jong as Jung Jong Chul
Kim Hyun as Yang Mi Sook
Kang Eun Ah as Jung Ji Hyun

People around Kang Joon Ho

Son Byung Ho as Kang Kyung Hoon

Political & Media people

Kim Dong Young as Ko Bong Joo
Yoo Sung Joo as Jung Han Soo
Park Ha Na as Kim Hye Jin
Yoo Jang Young as PD Koo
Song Ji Hyun as Writer Ahn
Pyo Hye Rim (표혜림) as Writer Ma

Production Credits

Director Shin Yong Hwi
Screenwriter Sul Joon Suk
Genre Political
Episodes 16
Broadcast network tvN
Broadcast period 2019 August – October

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