I Hate You, Juliet!

Title 너 미워! 줄리엣 I Hate You, Juliet!
Genre Romance
Episodes 18
Broadcast network Oksusu
Broadcast period 2019 February – April


This drama tells the story of a man who gets the power to hear her voice and a woman who learns that her thoughts get shared with him.

After an electric shock, a top celebrity (Lee Hong Gi) is suddenly able to hear a script-writer’s (Jung Hye Sung) thoughts. Knowing her true thoughts and feelings, he finds himself falling madly in love with her! But when he loses his ability to read her mind, would he still be able to win her heart?



Lee Hong Gi as Cha Yool
Jung Hye Sung as Goo Na Ra
Choi Woong as Bong Joon Mo
Moon Soo Bin as Lee Soo Ji

Lee Il Hwa as Gong Doo Shim
Park Hyun Sook as Kang Soo Hyun
Han Sang Jin as Song Shi Kyung
Kim Bo Mi as Lee Young Joo
Choi Jung Woo as Lee Dong Jae
Kim Do Kyung (김도경) as Jung Sung Hoon
Kim Kang Hyun as Park Sung Soo
Kim Min Kyung as Tak Hyun Jin
Jang Seung Woo (장승우) as Andy Park

Production Credits

Production Company UFO Production Co., Ltd.
Producer Kim Jung Kwon
Screenwriter Lee Jung Pil

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