My jTBC 2019 Drama List

Be Melodramatic

Chun Woo Hee as Im Jin Joo
Jun Yeo Bin as Lee Eun Jung
Han Ji Eun as Hwang Han Joo
Ahn Jae Hong as Son Bum Soo
Gong Myung as Choo Jae Hoon

This drama tells the story of the daily lives of three 30-year-old best friends.

Clean with Passion

Kim Yoo Jung as Gil Oh Sol
Yoon Kyun Sang
 as Sun Kyul

Eulachacha Waikiki 2.

Lee Yi Kyung as Lee Joon Ki
Kim Sun Ho as Cha Woo Sik
Shin Hyun Soo as Ki Bong
Moon Ga Young as Soo Yun
Ahn So Hee as Kim Jung Eun
Kim Ye Won as Cha Yoo Ri

This drama depicts the friendships, love and dreams of young people. 

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

Kim Min Jae as Ma Hoon
Gong Seung Yun as Gae Ddong
Seo Ji Hoon as Lee Soo
Park Ji Hoon as Go Young Soo
Byun Woo Suk as Do Joon
The best matchmaking agency in Joseon makes Gae Ddong a noble woman.

Moment of Eighteen

Ong Sung Woo as Joon Woo
Kim Hyang Gi as Yoo Soo Bin
Shin Seung Ho as Hwi Young
Kang Ki Young as Oh Han Kyul

This is a youth drama that depicts moments in the lives of eighteen-year-olds as they experience whirlwind of emotions.

My Country

Yang Se Jong as Seo Hwi
Woo Do Hwan as Nam Sun Ho
Two friends become enemies following a misunderstanding. They try to protect their country, and the people they love, their own way.

Sky Castle

The drama is set in a four-story apartment building in Seoul’s suburbs, which is inhabited by some professionals such as judges, prosecutors, doctors, professors and their wives.

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